Easily integrate discounts into your coworking space management system

No more workarounds needed to offer discounts.

  • Offer promotions to keep your members happy and attract new business
  • Save time adding discounts and promotions for member accounts
  • Ensure your automated invoices reflect your discounts


Q: Is the discount applicable to all members currently enrolled in a plan?

A: No. The discount you select can’t be applied retroactively. This means that only members who book after you’ve activated the discount will see the plan marked down in the member portal. Similarly, once you delete a specific discount, members who are active on a discounted rate won’t see an increase on their account.

Q: Is it possible to offer discounts when my location is not public in the members portal?

A: Viewers will only be able to see the promotion if your location is public. However, you may still add discounts for specific members via email if you wish to keep your location private.

Q: What’s the difference between the “All Users” and “All Members” options?

A: If you create a discount for “All Members,” only active members will be able to see it in their member portal. Whereas if you select “All Users,” future members will be able to see it,too.


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