Getting Ahead of the Curve: How Workspace Management Software Can Improve Productivity in Flex Office Spaces and Coworking Environments


In recent years, there has been a growing trend of companies offering flexible office space and coworking memberships to their employees. While this type of arrangement can offer some benefits, such as increased freedom and flexibility, it can also present some challenges. One of the biggest challenges is in management. You’re now managing a distributed team –and now productivity, space usage and maintaining company culture are all major things to consider. Lucky for you, workspace management software can help alleviate some of that burden.

Workspace Management Software Benefits

Workspace management software can help you efficiently and effectively manage your business office space. In the current competitive environment, this software can act as a valuable resource for companies that want to get an edge over their competitors. Here are some ways you can think about using software in the workspace:

  • Use task management software that makes it easier for businesses to set and manage employee workflows and schedules. An example of this is Asana and Click Up.
  • Use a product that allows users to share files, information, and ideas. This makes their lives easier and helps them collaborate better. A common example is Google Drive.
  • The costs of maintaining physical offices are a major drain on business budgets. CoWello is a great example of a tool that mitigates this problem by automating certain tasks, like booking meeting rooms and ordering office supplies, the platform lowers operating costs and yields other benefits for companies of all sizes.

💡Interesting Stat
The FlexJobs 2022 Career Pulse Survey found that 63 percent of the professionals surveyed would choose better work-life balance over better pay.


Overcoming Hurdles in Managing Flexible Workspace Environments

While traditional office space is slowly becoming a thing of the past, flex office space and coworking environments are on the rise. And with that comes new challenges, one of which is managing the workspace in an efficient way that maximizes productivity. In order to do this, it is important to have a clear understanding of what your goals are for the workspace and what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Once you have a vision for the space, you can start to implement some simple changes that will make a big difference in how productive and efficient the workspace is.

Examples of Helpful Workplace Goals

Maximize productivity

A goal for many workspace managers is to create an environment that fosters productivity among its users. This can be achieved through efficient layout and design. Providing necessary amenities and tools, and implementing policies that encourage focus and collaboration.

Attract and retain tenants

For coworking spaces and flex offices, a goal may be to attract and retain tenants by offering a range of options and amenities that meet the needs of a variety of users, including entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses.

Reduce costs

Another goal may be to reduce the costs associated with managing a workspace, such as rent, utilities, and maintenance. This can be achieved through optimizing space utilization, implementing energy-saving measures, and leveraging technology to automate bookings and payments.

Closing Thoughts

Coworking spaces and flex offices are amazing concepts that are revolutionizing the modern workplace. However, to fully realize the potential of these collaborative work environments, it’s crucial to implement effective workspace management software. By utilizing tools such as desk sharing and real-time booking, managing flex spaces becomes simpler. This enables members and tenants to concentrate on their tasks, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

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