Coworking Spaces Are The Future. We’re Here To Support Them.


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Coworking spaces are often underserved when it comes to specialized tools catered to their needs. This is the driver behind the creation of CoWello and the reason we built a coworking space software to help these spaces work well together.

In this article, we’ll share the story of how and why we created CoWello, including addressing the problems we set out to solve:

  • Payments: Automatically collect member subscription payments and booking fees
  • Inventory: Manage and rent inventory
  • Flexibility: Support multiple locations
  • Onboarding: Simple to set up and easier to use

Automatically collect member subscription payments and booking fees

Gone are the days when you need to chase down members to collect their membership dues. 

With CoWello, members are automatically charged their membership dues each month or annually. And members pay when they book a room and rent inventory. 

Manage and rent inventory

We spoke with many coworking spaces while building CoWello to better understand the problems they face. Many shared their frustration with losing and misplacing inventory–both small and large items would disappear.

CoWello helps spaces and locations keep track of their inventory. At any moment, you can open your CoWello account to see a report of where your inventory is and what’s available. 

And in addition, CoWello automatically prevents renting of inventory that is already rented out.

Support multiple locations

We’re here to support your growing business. And instead of charging you an arm and a leg as you scale and find success, we support you along your journey.

With CoWello, you can add unlimited rooms and locations to your account, providing endless opportunities for your growing business. 

Simple to set up and easier to use

CoWello is by far the easiest coworking space tool to set up. There are several coworking space management tools such as Nexudus and OfficeRnD but neither provide an onboarding experience as we do.

We make creating locations and setting up rooms a breeze. There are no mandatory training sessions for users and members. It’s just that easy to use. 

And our dedicated team is ready to assist if needed via email or by scheduling a call. We’re Birmingham, Alabama-based, so our schedules align with most time zones, especially when compared to our competitors who are headquartered in Europe.

Transform Your Coworking Space with CoWello

Since the idea for CoWello came about, our goals have always been to: 

  • Make it easy to set up and use, no matter the level of technology knowledge a user has
  • Support spaces and their members with unlimited locations and members
  • Automate the collection of space membership dues and booking fees

If your team wants to experience the benefits of a coworking tool without the cost and confusion of other platforms, give CoWello a try.

We’ve built a platform that will give you all the tools you need to run and grow your coworking space. Free up space for new revenue opportunities. 

Give our 14-day CoWello trial a try today.