9 Event Ideas To Keep Your Coworking Community Engaged


Coworking members in a cafe networking.

Everyone is busy these days. With the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind. A coworking community needs something to drive them forward, and often a memorable event can help refocus efforts on their work. What better way to keep people engaged in your coworking space than by hosting an event that gets everyone involved?

Remember that the more you promote collaboration, the stronger your network will be. Social networking encourages community retention and helps with promoting the growth of your business.

Whether you’re looking for something to spice up your community and foster engagement and productivity, here are nine ideas for community events that can help.

1. Lunch (or coffee) and Learn

Nothing is as easy as coffee, lunch, and learning. This idea provides a wonderful opportunity to get to know your members better and offers a unique chance to hear from someone who’s an expert in their field. If you have someone on your roster who provides an excellent service or product, consider inviting them over for an informal chat with your community.

Not everyone has the time to go out for lunch or coffee. Hosting a small get-together at your coworking space is an excellent way to get to know your members and what they’re interested in.

2. Game Night

Game nights are a great idea to provide some fun in the workplace and bring your community together. Not only can you indulge in some friendly competition and have a few laughs, but it’s also a chance to get to know your members better. Not everyone has the time to play games often, so a game night gives them a chance to relax, socialize, and have fun.

If you’re looking for something casual, inviting people over to play games in your space is a fantastic way of getting them in and making them feel comfortable.

The possibilities for making this a fun event are endless. You can host the event during happy hour or after work hours. You can even opt to make it a tournament if you’re looking for something with a little more intensity. Think of what your community is interested in and design your game night around that. It’s a delightful way of bringing your space members together to have some fun.

3. Happy Hour

Who doesn’t like a good happy hour? Set up some tables, provide light food and snacks, and enjoy the amenities of your space. Hosting a happy hour can be as simple as allowing your members to bring in their favorite beverages to take full advantage of the space. Set up some tables, provide light food and snacks, and enjoy your space’s amenities.

Remember that coworking is not limited to just work, and creating some quality time for your members is a way to ensure you’ll retain members of your community. 

Not only can this approach provide entertainment, but it can also be a superb conversation starter, as people get to know one another. 

4. Live Music

Another idea is live music. Which can add a unique twist to your community events. Not only does it provide your space with a new way to entertain, but it can add an element of fun and make members feel more relaxed. Live music is also an excellent way to build relationships because musical artists are willing to mingle and connect with their audience.

5. Book Club

Book clubs are a fabulous way to relax, get to know your members, and share ideas. Sharing what you’re reading can help you gain a sense of community. Here are some benefits of hosting a book club:

  • They’re extremely flexible and can be hosted at any time of the day
  • Can be held both in-person and online
  • Helps you understand the interests of your community
  • Helps encourage your members to spend time together
  • Broadens horizons and expands perspectives

Book clubs can be held as more of an open discussion than a structured meeting. The purpose is not to discuss the book but to have people share their ideas and provide insight into related topics.

They can range from serious discussions to simply sitting around having a coffee or tea and talking about the latest book. Either way, encouraging your members to spend time together and share ideas can create a greater sense of community.

6. Speed Networking

This is one of the more exhilarating ideas for community events to create a platform for your community. 

For example, if you’re looking to fill out your roster with additional members, speed networking can provide the platform you need to make those necessary initial connections. Instead of having a majority of people talk while only a few listen, speed networking allows everyone to have an equal chance at conversing.

Speed networking: 

  • Gives an opportunity for someone shy to practice their social skills in a comfortable environment. 
  • Is a wonderful opportunity to meet more people in your community and get familiar with who they are.
  • It’s a way to make meetings more efficient because people talk to each other without needing an agenda or notes. You can use this time to build bridges and get everyone on the same page, so you don’t have to deal with issues later.

7. Guest Speaker

A guest speaker will always have something new to say and can be a catalyst to help those who are open-minded in their field. Whether it’s someone from outside your space or within, hosting guest speakers can be a wonderful way to share knowledge and help people gain a new perspective.

8. Wellness Events

Physical activity is a wonderful way to tend to the mind, body, and spirit. Find a yoga instructor, running club, or other fitness activity in your area.

Yoga is a great way to help your members relax after a stressful week. It allows for physical and mental improvement while encouraging community building.

If you enjoy running, organize a group run with your members. Together you can train for races or find new routes that allow you to socialize while working out.

Not only do these activities provide a workout, but they also allow your community members to enjoy some time with others with similar interests.

9. Charity Events

There are many worthwhile charities you can choose to support. Hosting charity events is an excellent way to bring the community together with something they can all rally around. Whether it’s selling food, gift baskets, or simply volunteering your time and talent, hosting a charity event is a way to stand for something.

 Hosting a charity event allows those attending to feel like they’re doing some good in the world. Not only does this allow your members to feel confident about themselves, but it also allows your community to come together for a common goal. Giving back is an excellent way for you to encourage the growth of your community.

Final Thoughts

There are many different events you can host to keep the flow of your community strong. Consider a couple of these suggestions, or even mix them up. The important thing is that your community has fun, and you can build a network of people who will share their ideas and connect with one another.

Sometimes, you can feel like your community is falling apart or not growing as quickly as you would like. Don’t consider it a failure if things are going slow, because it’s quite normal. Building a strong and vibrant community takes time.

A healthy, active community will help inspire growth and opportunity. Take the necessary steps to ensure your community is constantly learning, growing, and thriving. You have to be willing to share your knowledge and receive it from others. It’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey!