Nexudus vs OfficeRnD vs CoWello: In-Depth Comparison


Nexudus vs. OfficeRnD vs. CoWello

Updated on Aug 9, 2022

When quickly looking at the websites of Nexudus, OfficeRnD, and CoWello (our coworking space software), it can look as though all coworking space management solutions are similar.

But there are significant differences between these three coworking space management solutions, such as:

  • How many locations and members can it support?
  • What’s the price model?
  • Can members access a secure portal and pay online?

Fortunately, there are various space management solutions that make managing coworking and shared spaces a breeze. This allows spaces to get the benefits of intelligent scheduling, payment processing, location and room management, and member management.

We understand it’s challenging and time-consuming to sort through them and figure out which tool is right for you.

In this post, we dive into these differences from the lens of our coworking management solution, CoWello, and how it differs from Nexudus and OfficeRnD.

We hope that by the end, you’ll have a better idea of which solution is right for you.

Disclaimer: CoWello is our own service. We’ve done our best to present the information fairly because we want you to make a decision that meets your needs. That said, we are proud of our space management solution and built it specifically for small space owners that want to streamline the operations of their space. Learn more here and try it free for 14 days.

Nexudus vs OfficeRnD vs CoWello at a Glance

CoWello alternative Nexudus and OfficeRnD have more robust functionality for coworking spaces. But are both more difficult to set up and train your team and members on.

Unlimited membersYesNo – you’ll pay more to add membersNo – you’ll pay more to add members
Unlimited locationsYesYesNo – you’ll pay more to add locations
Price$49 per month for 100 members and unlimited locations$85 per month for 40 members$159 per month for 100 members and 1 location

How are CoWello, Nexudus, and OfficeRnD similar?

CoWello, Nexudus, and OfficeRnD offer the core functionality of any coworking space management application. That means, they all…

  • Manage bookings of multiple rooms
  • Collect payments from members
  • Manage renting of inventory

Where these software solutions differ is not in their specific features, but their usability, member experience, and pricing.

How they’re different

  • Differentiator 1: Unlimited members and unlimited locations
  • Differentiator 2: Adaptable to offices and meeting rooms
  • Differentiator 3: Flexible payment solutions
  • Differentiator 4: Simple to set up (No advanced degrees required)
  • Differentiator 5: Fantastic customer support

Differentiator 1: Unlimited members and unlimited locations 

CoWello and Nexudus support unlimited locations. OfficeRnD requires its customers to upgrade plans before they can support additional locations. 

We’ve heard how important multi-location support is from our coworking audience. 

Unlike Nexudus and OfficeRnD, CoWello supports unlimited members. Add all of your members without incurring additional costs. CoWello was built to support your wellness space by making it easier for your members to book space through you.

CoWello Member Page
CoWello’s Members page

Differentiator 2: Adaptable to offices and meeting rooms

CoWello and Nexudus are more than desk management software. They help you manage your entire space from individual offices, meeting rooms, and other various room types. 

Both are flexible enough to support your space. 

However, CoWello allows you to enter the type of space to help members select the best space for their needs. This can be a conference room, a private office, or a desk. 

Creating a space in CoWello
Creating a space in CoWello

Differentiator 3: Flexible payment solutions

CoWello, Nexudus, and OfficeRnD support automatic membership subscription payments. Membership payments are one less thing you have to worry about as a space owner. 

CoWello goes a step further by automating the collection of space and inventory rental fees. Members are charged at the time of booking the room and inventory.

All with a flexible cancellation policy that is customizable by room. 

Setting up a location in CoWello
Setting up a location in CoWello

Differentiator 4: Simple to set up

CoWello is by far the easiest coworking space management solution to learn how to use and set up. Setup takes less than 10 minutes in most cases. Our team is only one chat or email away if you get stuck anywhere in the process. You can also schedule a free demo with our CEO. He’ll lead you through the process of configuring and customizing your CoWello dashboard to meet your specific needs.

We thought long and hard about what you need to run your coworking space. And we only included the essentials and organized the account to be fast and easy to use.

Nexudus and OfficeRnD organize in-depth training that is required to know how to use their platforms. Nexudus is complicated and requires training for your staff and members.
We believe simple is better! You need a tool to help manage your space better, you don’t need to go back to school just to learn how to use an application you’re paying for.

Differentiator 5: World-class customer support 

We pride ourselves on our level of customer support. Our team is happy to answer any questions and provide assistance when needed. While Nexudus and OfficeRnD are headquartered in Europe, CoWello is headquartered in the United States.

Our company and our team are proudly located in the United States and available to help between 8 AM – 5 PM Central Time during normal business days.

Our team is on call to help you get set up if needed, and only an email away if you ever need us, even after you’ve started using CoWello.

Any of your administrative staff can reach out to our team for assistance. They do not have to communicate through a special account owner.

Learn More About CoWello’s Space Management Solution

We hope this in-depth comparison has helped with your search for a coworking space management application best suited for your coworking space.

Here at CoWello, we are passionate about the coworking space and are proud of the share space management tool we’ve built. Sign up here to try it free for 14 days.