Five Ways a Coworking Software Can Transform Your Business


coworking space booking software

Did you know the United States has around 6 million commercial buildings for rent? If you’re running a coworking space, you know the competition is fierce. In the modern business world, time is everything. 

There may be one million Americans using coworking spaces by the end of this year. You don’t want to miss out on capitalizing on a lucrative market. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to coworking space booking software. It can help them transform their operations. Managing bookings and payments efficiently can make the difference between having full seats and having many empty ones.

Want to know how you can use booking software to gain a competitive edge? Keep reading for five ways coworking software can transform your business operations. 

Why Are Coworking Spaces So Popular?

For some, it’s the opportunity to work in a more collaborative environment. For others, the amenities they wouldn’t have access to in a traditional office setting. And for still others, it’s simply the affordability of coworking spaces compared to traditional office spaces.

Traditional office space requires a commute to and from work. Coworking spaces are often located conveniently, making it easy for workers to get to and from their jobs. It can be a perk for workers who don’t want to deal with a long commute.

Additionally, coworking spaces often offer amenities that traditional office spaces don’t. This can make coworking spaces a more attractive option for workers looking for a more comprehensive work-life balance. 

Finally, coworking spaces are often more affordable than traditional office spaces. It is especially true for small businesses or startups that may not be able to afford the high cost of office space.

You can use CoWello to provide a seamless experience for your customers. Focus on offering them a perfect work environment that trumps offices of yesterday. Make booking spaces and equipment easy.

What Is Coworking Space Booking Software?

So, what exactly is coworking software? The software allows coworkers to book desks and meeting rooms online, based on their own rules. It can include reserving a desk for a certain number of hours each week or booking a meeting room for a specific date and time. 

Coworking software can also help you bill your members, manage your space and track inventory. 

Here are five ways coworking software can transform your business:

  1. Increase Productivity
  2. Improve Member Experience
  3. Reduce Admin Work
  4. Manage Bookings

Let’s dive in.

1. Increase Productivity With Software

Phone and email might be enough to get you off your feet but you’ll soon realize that it’s not scalable. As you grow your client base and your calendar starts to fill up, you’ll find that tracking appointment cancellations and invoicing members isn’t easy with a spreadsheet anymore.

Coworking software automates that process and allows staff to handle more clients. It also makes billing and invoicing much easier, as you store all information in one place.

Think about it. It’s basically a virtual receptionist that takes care of many tasks your staff would otherwise need to do, freeing up your team to do other things.

3. Improve Customer Experience

When your staff isn’t bogged down with sending confirmation emails and tracking inventory, they can focus on clients. As a result, the customers will receive assistance more quickly.

Good customer service improves the company’s image and reputation. It also helps to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Happy customers will stay longer and recommend you to their peers.

4. Less Admin Work 

An advantage of coworking software is the billing and invoicing are all taken care of for you! It can be a real lifesaver, especially if you’re busy and don’t have time to deal with paperwork.

The software can automate many of the tasks involved in invoicing, from creating invoices to issuing payments. It can save businesses time and money, as well as help them avoid late payments and penalties.

Some perks of using invoicing software are:

✅ Create and send invoices electronically

✅ Track billing and payments

✅ Generate reports can help businesses track invoicing progress 

✅ Customize invoice templates

5. Space and Booking Management 

Coworking software can help with space management and room booking, which are both critical for any business. 

✅ Track how much space is available in an office and make sure that it is being used efficiently.

✅ Handle room booking.

✅ Help members find and reserve meeting rooms.

✅ Make it easy for coworkers to book the resources they need without having to go through a third party.

✅ Keep your customers in the loop. Once the booking is complete, the software will send out confirmation emails and add the event to the member’s calendar.

Coworking Software Will Transform Your Business

There are several reasons why you might want to invest in coworking management software as a business owner. Perhaps the most obvious is that it can help you manage your space more effectively. 

With the right software in place, you can keep track of who is renting which desk, when their membership expires, and more. This can help you keep your space running smoothly and efficiently.

Another key benefit of coworking management software is that it can help you build your brand and grow your business. By tracking member activity and engagement, you can get a better understanding of who your best members are and how to attract more like them. 

This information can be invaluable as you continue to grow your business.

Ready To Give It a Try?

Coworking management software can save you time and money. By automating key tasks like invoicing, payment processing, and bookings, you can free up your staff to focus on more important tasks.

Keep your costs down while providing a high-quality experience for your members. Ready to get started? Start CoWello 14-day free trial today!